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Doula In Your Pocket Virtual Services

In my short time working as a doula I have learned that the physical support that a doula provides has unlimited amount of benefit. But I believe the superpower of a doula is empowering their clients through education and resources. So whereas having full doula support holds immense value, I believe that through virtual doulaship, a birthing mother can have access to that most important aspect of a doulas service.

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Virtual Doula fee: $750

Some circumstances that make virtual doula support perfect for you:

•due to COVID-19 policies, you cannot have a doula in person at your birthing place, to aid in birth.
•Have too many support persons in your birthing space and still want a doula.
•You are unable to afford a full doula service.
•You had a doula for a previous labor and want some support but not the full support you had last time.
•You desire your labor and birth to be as private as possible but would still like some informational support to aid your decision making.
•You know the options and how a full doula service can help you but decided that you do not desire the physical support during labor or prenatally.

What A Virtual Doula Service Looks Like:
  • Two video/phone call prenatal visits at some point during your pregnancy. These calls will be to help create your birth plan, discuss your desires for you birth. Each call will be around an hour each.
  • You will have text, e-mail, call, and/or video support throughout your pregnancy during normal business hours for pregnancy and during all hours during the on call period beginning at 37 weeks and until baby is born.
  • Text and/or video call labor support throughout labor, birth, and for 2 hours after birth. This aspect can be structured to fit your personality and desires. It can be constant or intermittent. And you can choose whichever method of communication that is easiest for you and your support team. With any method that uses audio I will keep my microphone on mute unless I’m actively communicating with you to avoid any sounds in my environment interfering with the birthing space.
    • Text: I will respond to all texts promptly and will send periodical “checking in” texts every 1-2 hours depending on the specific circumstances and your desires.
    • Video: Can be constant or for occasional periods during your labor. This method can also use any mode you desire for instance face-time or zoom conference call. the benefit of doing a zoom call is you can also include other family members if you desire and since I will be hosting she can field any questions they might have about what is going on.
    • Voice Call: Also has the option of being constant or intermittent the down side to this option is your doula will only have what she can hear to go on as far as supporting and that might necessitate her asking more questions throughout the process.
  • One official Video Postpartum Visit. This visit will be to process your birth and discuss how you and your baby are doing and recieve resources if needed. It can take place at any point during your pregnancy. Plus we can do other communication for the next 4 months, like Facebook messenger.
  • I will be on call for your labor beginning at 3 weeks before your due date until your baby is born. During the on call period my phone will stay on and with the ringer on loud.
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