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Placenta Encapsulation

Fee: $325 

Traditional Chinese Medicine Method

Placental encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been steamed, dehydrated, ground, and placed into pills. Traditionally, this is taken by the mother and is believed to impart numerous health benefits.  It is frequently taken shortly after giving birth, during a woman’s menstrual period, or during menopause to help counter some of the symptoms of menopause.

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What are the benefits?

  • Replenishes hormones and nutrients that kept baby alive in womb.

  • Promotes a more stable mood

  • Decreases postpartum depression/anxiety, and baby blues 

  • Increases energy

  • Reduces postpartum bleeding

  • Reduces postpartum night sweats

  • Increased release of the hormone oxytocin, which helps the uterus return to normal size and encourages bonding with the infant

  • Increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone

  • Restoration of iron levels in the blood


Is it safe?

Placental encapsulation appears to carry no inherent risk if ingested solely by the mother. Some mothers have reported experiencing negative symptoms such as dizziness or jitteriness after taking the pills. Again, most of the information regarding this practice is amassed from anecdotes, and not from research. In addition, if taken by other family members or friends, one must be aware of the possibility of passing along blood-borne diseases.

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When can I not encapsulate your placenta? 

  • If there are any blood-bourne illnesses in the mother; HIV or chlamidia

  • If mother is sick with any bodily infection

  • If it is improperly cared for; by hospital or caregiver.

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I began by learning one-on-one with my doula mentor. After that, I continued my education with hours of independent research and study. In the upcoming months, I will be a certified APPA Certified Placenta Specialist. 
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