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Kind words from our friends

“Such a pleasure to work with, I really admired the way Ashley supported her mother's pain management decision, and every decision made throughout the birth, the mother was informed.” Laura, RN.

“Ashley’s knowledge of birth and postpartum is unmatched. She has a passion for all things motherhood. She is the most non judgmental, super supportive sweet human! You would be lucky to have her on your most special day.” Jessica S.

“Ashley is an absolute pot of wisdom when it comes to all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for a doula - she is the best. 10/10 recommend.” Mikaela H.

“Ashley was great on-line support for my breastfeeding journey. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet Ashley in person but I felt that the support I received via our FaceTime calls was just as valuable. Ashley helped me recognize my daughter’s latch wasn’t ideal and after showing me how to improve it, breastfeeding became much easier! Thank you, Ashley” Hollie W.

“I birthed on Easter Sunday but went in labor Saturday night . Ashley was my rock through it all. She was kind and encouraging. I didn’t really think a doula was much...I was wrong. She was the support system I needed and wisdom I didn’t have. If I ever have another down road...Doula is def worth it all I can say. I give Ashley a 5 star rating for helping with my birth!” Courtney C.

“Ashley was my doula a week ago. I would have never made it as long as I did without pain meds of any kind of it wasn’t for her. She was very supportive of every decision I made even if it went off my original birth plans. I highly recommend hiring her as your birthing doula! I can’t wait to see how our postpartum visits go!” Kayla L.

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Thank you so much for your testimonial! You are so appreciated!

I'm so happy I made the decision to seek out a doula. Even more so, I'm even happier & so so grateful that it was Ashley who was/is my doula. (if I have any future babies, I definitely want her as my doula again!) She is so so knowledgeable in everything pregnancy, birth, postpartum, & she's a lactation consultant as well! I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge from her that I didn't get to learn from solely research. If it wasn't for her, I don't know what I would've done & how I would've handled labor/birth the way I did, because omg.. it was probably one of the hardest (& painful) things/experiences I ever had to do in my life... (I now know how high my pain tolerance is)


I've read hypnobirthing techniques & done a lot of pregnancy/labor/birth research... But it's SO much different, when you're actually going through it all when the time comes. She has helped me immensely during this time in my life; emotionally, mentally & physically. I never knew how strong & capable I really was until I met Ashley. She believed in me & her faith in me never wavered. My whole experience (about 46 hours) from the time that my waters broke (Christmas Eve morning 7am) up until birth (the day after Christmas at 5am) she was with me all the way, through & through! I initially didn't make much progress with my contractions within the 24 hours after my waters broke (I called them surges/waves)... I was quite nervous & anxious!

& so on Christmas Day, she helped me get exactly to where I needed to be, so I could get my baby out lol, because I did not want to go to the hospital & I did not want a medical intervention. That was the last thing l wanted of my birth plan.

She gave me the confidence & strength to keep going & try everything naturally first to get my contractions going; from various exercises/positions (walking, squatting at each mailbox lol, birth ball, miles circuit, spinning babies), essential oils, pump, herbal tinctures... & we kept at it pretty much all of Christmas day & night.


She also taught my bf's sister & bf ways to best support me during this time & she is an absolutely wonderful person to learn from! Because they both did a great job in supporting me during labor/birth too especially with the breathing & remind me to exhale my "ahhhhs" ! (& those "ahhs" literally saved me & helped manage some of the pain, it was pretty amazing.) I loved that she supported me in every decision I wanted to make, but also wasn't afraid to tell it like it is & give her suggestions /recommendations as needed.

If you have Ashley as your doula, I promise you won't regret it. Trust me on this. & this was my 1st pregnancy & 1st home water birth! I owe my amazing labor/birthing experience to her.

She also did my placenta encapsulation & tincture & provided multiple photos of each & every step along the way. It was fascinating & beautiful ! She was quite fast with it too!

I really can't thank you or express enough words how much this experience meant to me, Ashley... but thank you so so much ! Thank you for being my doula. Thank you for being you. -Melissa P.

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