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My name is Ashley Napoli ​and I am a DONA International trained birth and postpartum doula. Together, me and my husband, Michael have welcomed three beautiful daughters, Emma & Isabella (pictured) and Juliana.

I decided to pursue becoming a Birth & Postpartum Doula in order to support women with their birth experience & aid in their postpartum journeys. I have always been amazed and fascinated by the miracle of birth since I was a child. In 2018, my Emma was born, and I hired a doula for my delivery with her. With my husband in the military it was impossible to time family coming in due to the randomness of labor; hiring a doula gave me the confidence I needed for the birth I wanted. In 2019, when I found out I was pregnant with Isabella, I had PPD/PPA badly, going through my struggles, I saw the need for a helping hand. Since then, I knew I wanted to become a doula and help other moms.

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My Philosophy
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When I join a journey with a mother throughout pregnancy and birth, I am in their corner, someone to walk beside them and to lean on. As a birth and postpartum doula, I focus on gently educating with evidence-based care, providing hands-on support, listening with compassion and an open heart, and treating families with respect and love. I do not believe there is a "right way to birth." Birth is an extraordinary experience with different paths to take. My job as your doula is to make sure you are fully prepared for each path your birth experience could take. 

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